Saturday, July 09, 2005

Backup, Backup, Backup (and test recovery)

Imagine my joy when I discovered two of my favorite bloggers talking about things I have an interest in and pointing to each other!
Dave Taylor, in his Intuitive Life Business Blog, panned podcasting for business in "Why podcasts won't help promote your business". Since I am a newbie to the world of blogging and have no thoughts of venturing into podcasting, I actually read some thoughts I was having but couldn't articulate (thanks Dave). Unless there is someone who's voice you really really want to hear, I don't see the draw. Why would anyone listen to something without a clue of whether it would be of value?
However, my friend Des Walsh, along with plenty of others (see the comments on Dave's blog). But Des went in a different direction altogether in his reference to Dave's post in "Podcasting and Cautionary Tale on Backups". Ah, backups... and the lack thereof. Des talks about Blogarama's total loss of a lot of content because they didn't have a backup. Imagine the storage you'd need for backing up Podcasting posts!
Des kind of let Blogarama off the hook (by not even questioning why not). I'm not that kind (on this topic anyway). There is no excuse for any business to not have proper backups and a disaster recovery plan that is tested and known to work. Anything less is, in my opinion, criminal.
Most companies that suffer this fate never make it back to prosperity though so I guess that is a steep enough price to pay.
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Des said...

>Des kind of let Blogarama off >the hook (by not even questioning >why not).

As I mentioned, I've had my own lack of backup woes - people in glass houses etc.
And I couldn't get too worked up about Blogarama's failings, as I had other things to do on a beautiful Sunday morning :)