Tuesday, July 05, 2005

[Your unprotected] PCs [will be] Infected in 12 Minutes

Interesting tidbit here...

PCs Infected in 12 Minutes

By Vic DaSilva

The speed with which PCs can become infected has now shortened. If your
Windows computer is not properly protected, it will take 12 minutes
before it becomes infected, according to London-based security
company,Sophos. Sophos has detected 7,944 new viruses in the first half of 2005, a 59-percent increase over the same time span last year.
More: http://www.realtechnews.com/posts/1511

The bottom line is never connect an unprotected machine to the internet.
That's over 40 a day. Signature-based anti-viral software is not adaquate protection? There are many types of protection available for any operating system. Tell me what system you have, and what you want to use it for, and I'll help you find proper protection. For the home user, there are free and low cost options. For the business, you can still be protected for low cost. The cost of not protecting your systems is far greater.

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