Monday, March 12, 2007

AlignIT Advisors name Vincent Wright Networker of the Year!

Networking is something we all do every day of our lives. Many do their networking ‘accidentally’. However, many also have realized the power of networking and have made it one of their tools. A tool they use for their own benefit and to help others. There is a philosophy of “Giver’s Gain”, identified & defined by Business Networking International (BNI) as “The "Giver's Gain Philosophy" is an unselfish attitude that is contagious and promotes creditable, profitable, and lasting business relationships.”

Vincent Wright personifies this philosophy. He has created and nurtured over 200 discussion groups focused on networking. Most are further focused on a region or special interest. The “Grandaddy” of them all is called MyLinkedInPowerForum. Here, he has over 5,000 members helping each other improve their lives through networking.

Vincent also has a forum for job seekers to find tips and where jobs are posted. Thousands of jobs have been posted, and presumably filled, through MyJobTiger.

Vincent has given himself the title of Chief Encouragement Officer, and he earns it every single day. He has devoted thousands of hours to helping others on these fora with no recompense.

AlignIT Advisors would like to recognize Vincent Wright’s selfless dedication by naming him “Networker of the Year” and sponsoring his work.

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Dawn Mular said...

Coool!! Vincent is the master that has inspired so many of us!! And a darned interesting person too!